General Rules

The following rules are extrapolated from the Master Deed, By-Laws, and Amendments:

  1. No person or entity that acquires title to a unit may lease or rent such unit and no such unit may be occupied by a tenant, or other person who pays rent to the owner. For exceptions and further information, please read the entire document by clicking here.
  2. No person or entity, other than the Developer, may simultaneously own in excess of 2 units.
  3. No person or entity may acquire title or ownership of a garage unit unless such person or entity is the owner of the residential unit.
  4. No more than 2 dogs allowed. Please reference the Second Amendment to the By-Laws.
  5. There is no weight limit for pets, but no dangerous or destructive pets shall be permitted.
  6. All dogs shall be on a leash, per local ordinance.
  7. All pet waste must be picked up and disposed appropriately.
  8. No parking in designated “no parking” zones, “tow” zones, or on the sides of the streets. Parking is only permitted in designated parking spaces or garages.

Satellite Dishes:

  1. No satellite dish greater than 1 meter in diameter shall be permitted. All satellite dishes, television antennae, and wireless cable antennae shall be permitted only on the vertical support posts of the deck.
  2. No dishes may be installed on the front of the buildings
  3. Wires must not be exposed
  4. No dishes may be installed into the brick/mortar
  5. No dishes may be installed on the roofs
  6. Installation on a support/post is acceptable
  7. Board must approve request for satellite dish installation, PRIOR to install.